MVP Ranking: EU LCS Summer 2017 (Weeks 1-4)

EU LCS will start next week with the cross-group play, but before we want to rank the players according to their performances in every game played this split.

MVP Ranking is a weekly post where you can see who is the best player in the league. The way we rank the pros is by grading the players from 10 to 1 (from better to worse performance) and calculating their total points*.

*If you want to know more, let your comment below.

Top 10 players are featured in the post but you can find the ranking completed at the end of the article.

Top 10

10. FNC Broxah (3W-1L) – 8’5 KDA – [89’40 Points]

Broxah has the second best KDA ratio in the league behind his teammate Rekkles. He played really bad last game against Roccat, however, he’s been a very important piece for his team since he joined earlier this season.

9. SPY Trashy (3W-1L) – 4’6 KDA – [90’00 Points]

Trashy is the playmaker of Splyce, not only for making great plays but he is the organizer of every kill. He participates in 72,6% of his team’s kills, one of the highest Kill Participation in the LCS.

8. MSF Hans Sama (3W-1L) – 5’7 KDA – [90,20 Points]

Hans Sama was a young promise player when he enter LCS and now is demonstrating what he is able to do. The ADC provides Misfits a lot of damage per minute with his favorite champions such as Varus, Ashe or Xayah.

7. H2K Odoamne (3W-1L) – 4’5 KDA – [92’00 Points]

Odoamne is a player that doesn’t stand out but always is a decisive top laner for H2K. He’s mainly played tanky champions this split in order to take all the damage coming from the other team and, even so, Odoamne has died few times.

6. MSF PowerOfEvil (3W-1L) – 4’8 KDA – [93’40 Points]

PowerOfEvil returned to his playstile after Origen’s disaster last year. Now is one of the greatest mid laners in the EU LCS and he’s feared for his Orianna. We can feature his 77% KP and his 538 DPM.

5. FNC Caps (3W-1L) – 8 KDA – [94’60 Points]

The young star mid laner is improving his last split performance so far as he is currently the best mid laner of the league. Caps is doing a 621 DPM this matches and is dealing the 31.7% of the team’s damage (Considering that Rekkles, sOAZ and Broxah are in the same team is a brutal stat).

4. H2K Jankos (3W-1L) – 5’3 KDA – [95’33 Points]

Jankos is the hard-carry player that all teams need. His early game aggresive style with champions like Lee SIn or Kha’Zix made his team to get ahead in many games. Featured stat: 33% First Blood.

3. UOL Samux (3W-1L) – 7’7 KDA – [97’60 Points]

Samux arrived to LCS from the Spanish League in January and he is already a superstar player. He’s improved from last split: Samus has made a transition from control, utility champs to the carry ones as he played so well on Xayah or Twitch.

2. UOL Xerxe (3W-1L) – 7’1 KDA – [99’20 Points]

Xerxe, what a player! He is surprisingly the carry of the unicorns without playing hard-carry champions. Xerxe is more comfortable on utility champions like Ivern, where he can dominate the game and not necesarily need to risk too much.

1. FNC Rekkles (3W-1L) – 14’7 KDA – [117’60 Points]

Rekkles is the best so far right now. Even when Fnatic loses, he’s doing a good performance. He is the responsible of Fnatic’s great start this split. Best KDA ratio in EU LCS, he only shares 8.9% of the team’s deaths, 10.4 CSPM and 346 EGPM. His stats are amazing and if he keep playing like this, Fnatic is a great contender to win the title.


EU LCS Summer 2017 - MVP (Week 4)


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