Astralis win Clash for Cash, earn $250.000 by winning Virtus Pro

The ELEAGUE Clash for Cash has given us the opportunity to see one of those matches that makes history. Seeing Astralis against Virtus.Pro is one of the greatest pleasures fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have and this final lived up to expectations.

After the maps picks, we could easily expect a win for Astralis as the maps chosen were in their favor. Overpass was the selection for Astralis while Virtus Pro picked Nuke. Finally, due to the Train and Inferno vetoes, Mirage was left for the match decider.

Virtus Pro’s terrorists were winning at the final of the first half on Nuke by 9-6. In the second pistol round, Astralis rushed A site, but Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski with a 4K managed to win the round. Second half was one-sided as Astralis’ Terrorist were only able to win 1 round. Virtus Pro ended first game winning, 16-7.

Though Virtus Pro started the second game taking easily the pistol round, Astralis managed to win 9 Terrorist rounds consecutives to dominate first half by 11-4. Second half was perfect for Astralis as they took down VP in every round to close the game with the score at 16-4.

The decisive map: Mirage. Astralis and Virtus Pro playing for $250.000. An epic fight was going to happen there, but once the game 3 kicked off, Astralis destroyed Virtus Pro and win easily the map and finished off Virtus Pro 16-3.


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